Lakewood's Promise

Y O U T H C E N T R I C I T Y for Lakewood, Washington

Safe Places Task Force

Here are the latest ideas from the Safe Places Task Force and the Lakewood’s Promise Advisory Board:

  • The goal is to create more late night programs (after 7 PM) open to all teens.
  • These programs will occur at least monthly in various locations around Lakewood.
    • Locations should be able to handle a certain amount of teens
    • Locations should have a “draw” to add something special to the Late Night Program
    • Teens will experience more of what Lakewood has to offer when they visit other sites.
  • A permanent floating staff will be provided by various youth-serving organizations to be the backbone of each Late Night activity.
  • Each Late Night program will have a element of each of the Five Promises
    • Caring Adults
    • Safe Places
    • Healthy Start
    • Effective Education (Marketable Skills)
    • Opportunities to Help Others (Youth Volunteer Opportunities)
  • An idea from the Promise Board was to announce date/time in advance and the location of the activity at the last minute to encourage excitement ann sharing
  • The use of social media is key and the Task Force is looking at ways to utilize youth to generate participation.


  1. Safe Places Task Force to attend the YMCA Late Night Program on October 24 to observe a successful program in action
  2. First Non-Y Event will be held at the Lakewood Library on November 13
  3. Identify floating staff members with contributions from
    1. Boys and Girls Club
    2. YMCA
    3. Pierce College
    4. Library
    5. City of Lakewood
    6. others……
  4. Create handout flier for Library late night to share at other programs
  5. Make sure the Nov. 13th event is well-attended and a success
  6. Recruit more members for the Safe Places Task Force as program grows